Use Social Media bios to drive more traffic

Create your traffic page with just one click. Add a link in your bio, and turn your Social Media page into a great landing/shopping page.

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Quality features

Meet exciting feature of app

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Instagram Feed Import

Connect your Instagram page and auto connect all your posts. Create your landing page in one click.
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Add your own posts

Upload your own Photos/Videos. Drag-and-drop them to form the ultimate traffic page.
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Link posts with products

Link each post with a specific product, turn your landig page into an customizable traffic page.

Core features

Add as many links as you like

Drag and drop

Drag and drop links to reorder them

If you dont like the order of your link, you can drag and drop them to reorder them as you please.
Upload your own thumbnail

Upload your own thumbnail

Upload you own button thumbnail for you custom links.

Quality features

Meet exciting feature of app

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Track the overall website traffic and individual product click through rate. Identify unique users.
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Switch between Buttons only and Buttons + Posts

You have the ability to cusomize your bio to have only Buttons, or Buttons + Posts
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Use the drag and drop tool to rearrange your Buttons of your posts.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Enter the name of your bio link

Just type the name of your bio link, for example:

Connect your Instagram page

Connect your Instagram page to publish your feed as your traffic page.

Add your own custom posts

Start uploading your own Images/Videos

Click publish

That's it. Your landing page will be ready in seconds. Yaay!

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Frequently asked question

What is the pricing?
The Hit My Bio comes free, using SneekPeek App. The Premium plan offers analytics, the Gold Plan offers up to 5 bios, and the ability to remove the SneekPeek banner.
How many links can i crate
With the free plan, you can create one bio. If you upgrade to the Gold plan, you can create up to 5 bios.
Can i link my Instagram posts?
Absulutely. You can link multiple Instagram posts with one click. You can use the drag-and-drop to rearrange the posts as you please.
How do i connect my Instagram Page?
Your download the SneekPeek app. Create an account, and click 'Continue with facebook'. Enter your credentials, and that should be it. Note: We use the Official Facebook Api, no sensitive date is stored in our server or database.